WCGC Redhill

Redhill is the newest WCGC choir, just starting its second term as of January 2020. With an energetic (youthful!) pair of co-directors at the reigns, we expect this to become a vibrant new community in no time. Would you like to come along?

Meeting on Tuesdays at 7PM, the choir meets at RCCG Redhill Tabernacle Church, 37 Station Rd, RH1 1QH.  (Make sure you google the address, not RCCG Tabernacle, as it will take you to an old church venue!)

We would love to have you come along for a free taster! Fill in the form below to get in touch.

Jen Williams
Jen WilliamsChoir Director
By day, Jen works as a transport consultant, but is most passionate about music, dogs, and travelling! Jen’s love for gospel music began while singing in her university’s pop and gospel choir, where she also met co-MD Kenni! She is also a keen acoustic guitarist and full-time metalhead! Having joined WCGC Guildford in the autumn of 2018 and instantly falling in love, she couldn’t be more excited to be part of expanding the choir!
Kenni Alli
Kenni AlliChoir Director
Kenni is a mechanical engineering graduate with a passion for gospel and two years of experience conducting a university choir under his belt! Having spent most of his university life dancing from concert to concert rather than doing anything related to his degree, he is now ready to rock the Wey Gospel Choir with his interesting method of conducting!

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