Ethos and Vision

Ethos and Vision of the Choir

The Wey Community Gospel Choir is a community based project in Guildford, Surrey. Our vision for the choir is to get the wider community singing and creating an environment that is fun and social for the attendees. The style of music we are predominantly singing is ‘gospel’ but looking at a wide range of repertoire and incorporating different styles of music within it. The intention of the choir is to form a large vocal group, which is made up from people of varying backgrounds, religious persuasion and vocal ability, therefore being inclusive.

The choir is for anyone and everyone, no matter what your skill level. You don’t have to read music or have ever sang before. Our aim is to teach in a variety of different teaching methods and provide learning skills and techniques for choir members, whether you are a complete beginner or a professional singer.

Why Sing?

There are so many reasons as to why singing is good for us, physical, emotional, spiritual. Many people believe that they can’t sing, well we are here to prove you wrong. Singing helps to create identity: Singing together creates solidarity among groups of people and helps forge a definable identity as a community. To express Emotion: Singing connects us to the emotional part of humanity, we sing to express this aspect of ourselves

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Our Choir Leaders

Billy Mavin and Rebekah Duncalfe run the Wey Community Gospel Choir and both have a real heart to get people singing together. Both have extensive knowledge in the music industry and have seen the benefits of running choirs in previous projects.  Click here for more info on Billy and Rebekah.